Our team is made up of individuals with unique sets of skills and a common set of values.

Our Mission

To improve patient lives and healthcare sustainability through the development of advanced medical systems.

At Archimedic, we want to work on projects that make a difference.

We’re looking for client partners who share our mission and passion for advancing the standard of care.

Patient Lives

We’ve witnessed greater advances in medical care in the past century than in all of human history before that. That progress has been the result of the development and application of new technologies to perennial health problems. But many challenges remain unsolved and many patient populations are underserved.

Healthcare Sustainability

The US is in the midst of a healthcare crisis, with 18% of the US GDP in 2016 going to pay for healthcare, a number that continues to grow every year. Throughout the entire chain of care, individuals and institutional stakeholders understand that this can’t continue.

It’s our goal at Archimedic to improve the standard of care, reduce suffering, and promote human flourishing by continuing to explore and apply new technologies to help people live longer, healthier lives.

The Archimedic team is working alongside our clients to bring medical devices and healthcare products to market that improve outcomes and reduce cost throughout the healthcare chain. We’re developing the medical products that fit the outcomes-based healthcare model of the future.

Advance Medical Systems

Some of the best medical innovations are simple ones but, more often than not, modern device development is nuanced and interdisciplinary. 

At Archimedic, we’ve assembled a team of technical experts in the fields of: 

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Software & Firmware Engineering
  • Industrial Design 


Our ideal projects call for more than one of these skill sets, such as handheld electronics, connected telemedicine platforms, drug delivery devices, and surgical systems. This is where we see the greatest need and where we can have the highest impact as the medtech field continues to evolve.

We help innovators develop new medical products faster through deep medtech expertise and a proven process that enables quality and speed

Identify and address
risks early

Rapid iteration – design, build, test

Execute with precision at
the right time

Our Name

Archimedic (pronounced är-kə- ‘me-dik) is the fusion of Archimedes (our inspiration) and medical (our area of focus and expertise).

Why Archimedic?

Archimedes of Syracuse was an engineer, mathematician, inventor, astronomer, and strategist famous for solving difficult problems and delivering high-impact results.

The breakthroughs made by Archimedes led to great leaps forward in geometry, calculus, engineering, astronomy, and military strategy. The works of later innovators from Da Vinci to Turing pay tribute to the principles laid down by this ancient genius.

Though Archimedes discovered solutions to different types of problems in a long-ago era, our team takes inspiration from his creative legacy as we solve modern-day healthcare challenges.

Our Logo

Our logo is inspired by the Stomachion of Archimedes, a dissection puzzle wherein pieces are arranged in various configurations to form a square. The Archimedic icon is a section of the best-known Stomachion solution.

Archimedic Logo Square

There are more than 500 ways to assemble the fourteen pieces of the Stomachion puzzle; each solution is challenging and elegant in its own way. Many technical, regulatory, clinical, and commercial factors come into play during the medical product development process. At Archimedic, our role is to work alongside clients and determine how these pieces best fit together to uniquely solve their commercialization puzzle.


Mechanical Engineering

Providing high-quality mechanical design ranging from rapid prototyping to large scale manufacturing

Quality & Risk Management

Using a quality-driven approach to identify critical clinical, technical, and commercial
risks while maintaining documentation for regulatory submissions


Industrial Design

Creating simple and intuitive user experiences for complex medical solutions through a design centric approach

Human Factors Engineering

Understanding and applying best practices for
safety, usability, and effectiveness for all users


Electrical & Software Engineering

Developing intricate electrical solutions ranging from embedded software to advanced signal processing

Program Management

Managing scope, schedule, and cost through every milestone along Archimedic’s proven design process

Our Leadership Team

Eric Sugalski

Eric Sugalski


Chris Kadamus

Chris Kadamus


Christopher Scholl

Christopher Scholl


Lynn Armit Brown

Lynn Armit Brown


Demetri Papageorgiou, PhD.

Demetri Papageorgiou, PhD.


Debbie Farren

Debbie Farren


David Schoon

David Schoon


Aidan Hyde

Aidan Hyde


Cheryne Ray

Cheryne Ray


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Our Offices

We work with clients all over the world, basing our teams
near the medtech hubs of Boston and Philadelphia.


Waltham, Massachusetts


Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

Building a Winning

MedTech Team

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