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Two medical device development firms, Catapult Product Development, Inc. and Smithwise, Inc. announced today they have agreed to a merger in order to offer expanded medical device development capabilities to their clients.

“I’ve long described us as partner organizations,” said Eric Sugalski, Founder and President of Smithwise, “we share the same values and mission, we serve the same customers, and we offer complementary strengths to device innovators.”Though both firms bring mechanical, electrical, and software engineering capabilities to the medtech industry, they specialize in different areas—the Smithwise team skews towards mechanical engineering and industrial design, while the Catapult team has deeper electrical and software expertise in-house. “Together, we’ll be able to better serve our clients,” said Andy Ziegler, President of Catapult, “instead of regularly bringing the other team in as a subcontractor to supplement existing capabilities, we’ll be able to make immediate decisions on project resourcing and expedite our response for clients. Eric and I began discussions last year after realizing that our clients will appreciate being able to directly leverage our combined expertise.”

The leaders of both organizations were emphatic about their desire to communicate that this is a partnership of equals. “We’d like our customers and strategic partners to understand this merger is a meeting of the minds, not a case of one firm being absorbed by the other,” said Sugalski. “We also want them to share our confidence that this relationship is already tried and tested—we’ve worked closely together for years across many different projects. In many ways, we’re acknowledging a reality that’s existed for some time and now we’re formalizing it. There will be some new questions to resolve in the coming months but, overall, we’re simplifying things for ourselves and our customers.”

Both engineers by background, Sugalski will serve the joint enterprise as CEO, while Ziegler fills the COO and CTO roles. The new firm will combine Boston area offices with no staffing changes anticipated for the Boston or Philadelphia teams.

An announcement regarding the joint firm name will be forthcoming. “Stay tuned,” said Sugalski.

About Catapult Product Development: Founded in 2012, Catapult is a full-service medical device development firm, specializing in console-based diagnostic and therapeutic systems, minimally-invasive surgical and diagnostic tools, and a wide array of portable and handheld medical equipment. We work extensively with startups to enable their core technologies, as well as supporting leading device manufacturers and academic centers as they accelerate critical device development projects towards commercialization.

About Smithwise: Founded in 2009 as Boston Device Development, Smithwise is a medical device developer that helps innovators struggling with technical, regulatory, or manufacturing challenges with their next new product. Our clients span top-tier academic hospitals, established medical device manufacturers, and venture-backed startups. We specialize in connected medical devices, wearables, and surgical systems. Our client projects range from proof-of-concept prototypes to high-volume production design and manufacturing transfer.

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 Written by Eric Sugalski

Written by Eric Sugalski

Eric Sugalski is the founder and president of Archimedic, a contract medical device development firm with offices in Boston and Philadelphia. Sugalski has led the development of a novel pediatric life support system, cardiovascular implants, laparoscopic surgical devices, and an array of wearable diagnostics. In addition to his technical background, Eric provides companies with product development strategy that encompasses regulatory, reimbursement, and fundraising requirements. Eric obtained a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

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