WALTHAM, Mass., May 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — After announcing their merger last month, medical product development firms Smithwise and Catapult rolled out their new brand today, Archimedic.

Eric Sugalski, CEO of the joint entity, explained how they settled on the name. “As we brainstormed a new name, we knew we wanted it to reflect the medical device industry we serve.” Hence the -medic part. “But,” he continued, “we also latched onto this character of Archimedes. He was a truly remarkable figure in ancient history–an engineer, mathematician, inventor, and strategist. Though he discovered solutions to different types of problems in a long-ago era, our team takes inspiration from his creative legacy as we solve modern-day healthcare challenges.”

The firm’s logo is inspired by the Stomachion of Archimedes, a dissection puzzle wherein pieces are arranged in various configurations to form a square. The Archimedic icon is a section of the best-known Stomachion solution.

“There are more than 500 ways to assemble the fourteen pieces of the Stomachion puzzle,” said Andy Zielger, COO & CTO of the new firm, “Each solution is challenging and elegant in its own way. To us, this was a clear analogy for what we do here. Many technical, regulatory, clinical, and commercial factors come into play during the medical product development process. At Archimedic, our role is to work alongside clients and determine how these pieces best fit together to uniquely solve their commercialization puzzle.”

By joining the two firms, Archimedic is able to offer expanded electromechanical, software, systems, and quality engineering and industrial design services to the medtech industry. A larger team of medtech experts means deeper expertise in a number of industry verticals, including diagnostics, drug delivery, and advanced surgical systems.

“We’re excited about this new brand because it reflects so many of the things that are important to Andy and me about our partnership,” Sugalski added. “More than that, they’re important to the clients we serve and the team we lead. Under Archimedic, we get to bring the best of who we were together into something new. We can’t wait to keep building on this foundation.”

About Archimedic: Formed in 2019 by the merger of Smithwise and Catapult Product Development, Archimedic is a full-service medical device developer. We help innovators struggling with technical, regulatory, and manufacturing challenges accelerate their next new products along the path to market. Our clients span established medical device manufacturers, top-tier academic hospitals, and venture-backed startups. We specialize in advanced medical systems, including telemedicine and diagnostic platforms, wearables, drug delivery devices, and surgical systems. Our client projects range from proof-of-concept prototypes to high-volume production design and manufacturing transfer. Visit us at www.archimedic.com

Media Contact:
Daniel Henrich
Director of Marketing
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Written by Daniel Henrich

Written by Daniel Henrich

Director of Marketing at Archimedic

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