Download files
Please use the link below to download the files

Template Files

Thank you for your interest in helping resolve the shortage of PPE.  Below is a link containing the original template files for the Origami Respirator concept.  The zip folder contains the following file formats:

  • PDF – Sized for letter (8.5″ x 11″) landscape format
  • DXF – Ideal for laser cutting and vector-based artwork editors
  • SLDPRT – Native Solidworks part file
  • SLDDWG – Native Solidworks drawing file

Since positing these Template files, a number of collaborations have been underway.  There have been several improvements to the design made by people outside of Archimedic.  These changes, and the latest designs are being cataloged at the following website:


Please visit this site and download the latest files there.  In addition to the template files, there are additional materials recommendations and other information that may be helpful to you.   If you are satisfied with downloading the original design template files, please proceed by clicking the button below.  Thank you!